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Our Purpose

The world has changed in a generation. Why hasn’t the financial services industry? At Kelley Lane, we address what we view as the three biggest problems with financial advice in the past: exclusion of clients with smaller portfolios, unfair pricing for bigger portfolios, and a lack of two-way communication.

| Growing Together

We want to minimize or eliminate the barrier to sound financial advice for clients who are just getting started. Many firms either require a minimum net worth before they will work with a client, or they charge such a high flat fee (flat fees often start between $3,000 to $5,000 per year) that services are cost-prohibitive until a portfolio reaches a certain value. We are willing to build a relationship with you now, so that we can grow together.

| Fair Pricing

We adjust our fee structure for larger portfolios so we never ask for an unreasonable fee. Many firms say they do this, but most don’t go far enough. For example, it is not uncommon for ultra-high-net-worth clients to pay half-a-percent or more on the biggest parts of their portfolio. Our fees drop off significantly as our clients reach management milestones, and our annual fee for the highest tier of assets is only 9 basis points, or 0.09%. That’s less than eight cents per month for every thousand dollars we manage in that tier.

| You Talk, We Listen

We want to open up the lines of communication. Too often, financial professionals speak to their clients once or twice a year. When communication is that sparse, the result during those meetings is usually too much talking by the advisor and not enough listening. At Kelley Lane, we turn that model on its head by getting to know our clients and encouraging them to call us when they have something to talk about. An annual, formal meeting is great—essential even—to update clients on their portfolios and reevaluate risk factors. But we want our clients to call when a question or idea pops in their head. We want to celebrate your successes and help you work through life’s challenges as they come.

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