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Our Process

Step 1 - Introductory Meeting

The first step of this process is setting up an introductory meeting. This is where we can get to know one another a little bit, and we can answer any questions you may have about our services. These meetings usually take about 20 minutes, but there’s never any rush.

If it takes 30 minutes—or three hours—we want to spend the time to make you comfortable moving forward. Schedule your meeting here.

Step 2 - Determine Your Goals and Risk Tolerance

The next step is a more in-depth conversation where we learn more about your family, your job, and your goals.

We also help you gain a better understanding of your risk tolerance and what that means for your investment objectives.

Step 3 - Develop Investment Plan

Next, we develop and propose an investment plan tailored to you. This customized plan takes into account your assets, time horizon, risk tolerance, and goals.

This initial plan will set the foundation for your long-term investment strategy, but the specifics will evolve over time as your life changes.

Step 4 - Implementation & Monitoring

Finally, once we’ve made any necessary tweaks to your plan, we implement it. From that point on, monitor the funds within our strategies on a daily basis, rebalance your portfolio every quarter, and meet with you 1-2 times per year to update you on your portfolio and reassess your risk tolerance.

We also invite you to call us or come by anytime you have a question or have anything you’d like to discuss.

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