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Our Philosophy

Kelley Lane Capital is a fee-only investment management and financial services company. If you want to know the story behind the name Kelley Lane, we would love for you to read our first blog post.

“Fee only” is a term of art in the financial industry that means we don’t accept commissions when our clients make investments based on our recommendations. Commissions create a conflict of interest, and while some financial professionals take them, we do not. Put simply, when the motivation is commissions, the practice turns into sales. When the motivation is an agreed-upon fee, the practice is service. Both are legal, but we choose the latter.

Our clients pay for our services by way of a direct fee. This structure aligns our interests with those of our clients. It means we do better when our clients do better. And it means we are incentivized to recommend the best product for each client, not the product that pays the highest commission to us. You can read more about our fees here.

Investment Philosophy

Kelley Lane constructs a personalized investment strategy for each client. Each strategy is managed within a specified framework of return objectives and risk targets. All strategies are available in a tax-sensitive version.

Our process is the result of tested research and innovative thinking. It is a disciplined process designed to identify top-quality funds and combine them so their unique characteristics complement one another. We attempt, through asset allocation strategies, to achieve the return targets of our investment strategies while seeking to manage downside volatility.

The four pillars of our investment philosophy are diversification, a long-term outlook, forward-looking research, and dynamic management.

| Diversification

The most important key to managing downside risk is through a diversified portfolio. While owning one stock can create eye-popping returns, it can also lead to financial ruin. For every Amazon or Apple, there are thousands of stocks that fall to zero and disappear. Our strategy involves investing in funds that hold an array of companies, so that any losses on poor-performing companies are absorbed by gains from successful companies. This type of investing typically provides consistent growth over time periods measured in years and decades.

| Long-Term Outlook

While helping clients achieve short-term goals is extremely satisfying, our primary focus is achieving long-term goals, such as retirement, business succession, and estate planning. We believe the primary mindset for achieving short-term goals is saving, while the primary method in achieving long-term goals is investing.

| Forward-looking Research

Kelley Lane believes it is more important to focus on where the market is going rather than where it has been. While many investment firms focus on historical returns to determine what would have provided maximum returns in the past, Kelley Lane looks forward and invests in asset we believe will have the most favorable future long-term return for the risk characteristics.

| Dynamic Management

As risks and opportunities change, investment strategies must also. On an ongoing basis, we execute our process to fine tune our asset allocation mixes in order to add value and maximize return within the stated downside risk target.

With our four pillars in mind, once we have gathered enough information about our clients’ financial situation and future goals, we move to our method of analysis.

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