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Do I have enough money to justify paying for financial advice?

Yes. We even give advice to help clients manage and get out of debt. As far as wealth management for those with a positive net worth, we have a low minimum-balance threshold for our assets-under-management (AUM) pricing model.

We also routinely waive the minimum balance requirement and can instead charge a modest flat fee for our services and help you save every month until you have enough to move to our AUM model. We love clients with whom we can grow over time. If you have room in your budget to save, we want to work with you.

Exactly how much do your services cost?

Our standard pricing model can be found by clicking the “Resources” tab and scrolling down to “Cost.” It can also be found on our Form ADV. But generally speaking, we charge a percentage of the assets we manage on your behalf. We charge just over 1% per year (1.11% to be exact) on the first $250,000.00 we manage.

From there, that percentage goes down. For example, we charge 0.95% per year on the next $750,000. So if we manage $1 million total, the blended rate would be 0.99% per year. The larger your portfolio is, the lower your blended fee rate would be. Our lowest pricing tier goes all the way down to .09% per year--that’s less than a dollar per year for every thousand dollars in that tier.

If your portfolio is worth less than $125,000 right now, we will help you set up a savings plan for yourself and charge a modest flat fee for our services until you have enough to switch to our AUM pricing model. That flat fee is $345 per quarter.

Clients in that arrangement normally divert $1,500 per month to their managed accounts. Even starting from zero, those clients can achieve a six-figure foundation to their investment and retirement portfolio in just a few short years.

Why can’t I just use a robo-advisor or DIY?

You absolutely can. If you have the discipline to save, the confidence to weather (and take advantage of) the market’s downturns, and the ability to choose affordable, diversified investments, your portfolio can reach much of its potential. But that research takes time, and everyone begins to second-guess themselves when the market is down.

There is peace of mind in knowing your financial future is being monitored by an expert who specializes in managing all types of risk. We will also get to know you personally, so we can tailor our expertise to the specific nuances of your life in ways robo-advisors can’t. Finally, we do more than just pick investments. We talk to you about taxes, estate planning, insurance, and anything else that touches your financial life. 

An analogy I sometimes use is mowing my lawn. I did it myself for a long time. I had all the tools and knowledge to do it. I got better at it over time, and I could make the yard look pretty good. But it took time to do it. And when I was particularly busy, I would put it on the backburner until it started to get out of hand. In those times, it could be a stressor in my life. We had our first child right around the time I was studying for the bar exam. I decided then to hire someone to help me with the yard. It was an added cost, but I was able to use the time I got back to focus on what I was best at and what was most important to me. And even though I could make the yard look pretty good, if I’m being honest, the professional made it look even better.

Do you only work with clients in the Dallas and Houston areas?

No! We have clients all over the state and we are in every part of Texas at least on a monthly basis. And although we are registered in Texas, we can also work with clients in other states.

How much contact will I have with you if I hire you?

This can be a loaded question, because some people want a lot of contact with us, while others hire us because they don’t want to think about their finances. The easy answer is this: we’ll do what works for you. We have to speak at least once or twice a year to update you on your portfolio and reevaluate how much you want to hear from us the next year.

For some clients, that’s enough. If that’s the case, rest assured that we’re still managing your portfolio on a constant basis—evaluating the suitability of your investments, keeping your tax burden in mind, and rebalancing your portfolio as needed.

Some clients like more contact. We love that. If you want to have the equivalent of an annual meeting every quarter, we’re here for it.

We also want to hear from you anytime you have a question and when you’re undergoing life changes (changing jobs, getting married, having kids, buying a house, etc.). We commit to responding to calls, texts, or emails by the end of the next business day, but usually you’ll hear back from us within a couple of hours.

Do you ever have custody of my money?

Nope. You entrust actual custody of your money to third-party custodians. Most of our customers use Charles Schwab as their custodian. You authorize us to make trades and bill our fees, but we never have authority to move your money or do anything you haven’t given us explicit permission to do.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. That means we work in the best interest of our clients. We are required to act as fiduciaries based on our registration with the Texas State Securities Board. Kevin is also an attorney, so he would owe a fiduciary duty to his clients even if the Securities Board didn’t require it.

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