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Investment Management Fees

For clients whose total assets under management (AUM) are less than $125,000, we charge a flat fee of $345 per quarter and require the client to adhere to an agreed-upon savings plan.

For clients whose AUM is above $125,000, AUM fees are tiered, meaning clients pay a lower overall blended fee rate as their portfolio grows. For these clients, the maximum annual fees for managing assets on a discretionary basis are:

Household BalanceAnnual Fee Rate
First $250,0001.11%
Next $750,00095 basis points (0.95%)
Next $3,000,00059 basis points (0.59%)
Next $3,000,00039 basis points (0.39%)
Next $3,000,00019 basis points (0.19%)
Above $10,000,0009 basis points (0.09%)

The overall AUM fee will be a blended fee using the chart above. Applying this fee schedule, the following example balances would generate the corresponding blended annual fee rates (rounded to the nearest basis point):

Household BalanceAnnual Fee Rate
Up to $250,0001.11%
$1 million99 basis points (0.99%)
$2 million79 basis points (0.79%)
$5 million63 basis points (0.63%)
$10 million19 basis points (0.19%)
$25 million23 basis points (0.23%)
$50 million16 basis points (0.16%)

Kelley Lane is a fee-only advisory firm, meaning we do not accept compensation from third parties for the sale of securities or other investments.

We also do standalone financial planning, including debt counseling and retirement planning, without asset management. Depending on the type and scope of work, we charge an hourly rate or an agreed-upon flat fee.

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